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the helicopters and humvis. there are now 11,000 members in haiti and the un is sending more help. today, approving to send 3500 additional police to back -- troops and police to back up the peace keepers. patients in the u.s. now illegally will be able to apply as early thursday to stay in the united states under a temporary protection status. meanwhile, thousands of survivors fend for themselves on the streets, grabbing whatever they could find and fighting in some cases for scraps. but in some areas, order is being restored. people are lining up for water. merchants are selling their wear. and summer building pounds. another piece of good news, another woman pulled the lives from the rubble. -- pulled alive from the rubble. monitoring the situation here, they are prepared to leave with the the local groups once
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they could get permission to land a charter plane with supplies out there in port-au-prince. and that's not easy, bruce. >> that's right. not just doctors here in the washington area. but the financial organizations of the advancements of haiti or noah, they have some 300 haitian american doctors. they already signed up, ready to return to their native country. >> reporter: these are the scenes that left their pour country. and they came to the u.s. to attend some of the best colleges in medical schools. >> and some of us, they really do have members of all families. and that has been atpebted. >> reporter: josephs is a noted dentist in silver springs, maryland. a graduate of howard university. >> and we will see people with the knowledge of the people and thing language and the speaker assembly wish. >> reporter: also the chairman and says that the group has helped put 62 haitian american medical people into the middle of the relief efforts in port-au-prince. but the scenes of the earthquake victims. being pulled from the rubble. only to die into the streets, and people making it to the
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hospitals that lack basic supplies are too much for this dentist to take. >> that is just a nightmare. >> they have the political clouds here and in haiti. until now, they have been able to use that to fly small groups of doctors in and out of port-au-prince. last night, plans for yet another plan. the plan was for 9news now to fly out there to port-au-prince last night. here at reagan international airport at 8:00 where the plan was to fly to newark liberty to hook up with 40 other haitian-american doctors. before we could get there, that charter flight was canceled. >> reporter: with one runway, last night's flights were given but two hours to land and unload and take off again at port-au-prince airport. today, the flights have been increased. more medicine is coming in, but not nearly enough and not fast enough for the people in the streets. u.s. troops are arriving at the presidential palace that will help with the humanitarian efforts to leave the security up to the un, which is counting on the donor nations for more
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personnel. the world food program reports that a mere 250 daily rations, they have been handed out with the hopes of reaching a million more people this week and 2 million next week. >> they are trying to have two runways open at port-au-prince tomorrow. noah continues the plan to go to haiti any day now. >> we know there's a lot of people fleeing the capitol city. boarding anything, heading to the hills, heading to the country side. i mean, was this anticipated? >> you're absolutely right. a lot of the people came from the hills and the country side. there is fears that if this situation worsens, then there is another possibility that people, they will again get into small boats and head to the u.s. as they did back in the mid-1990s. lesli foster, you recall the clinton administration, they picked up out there and returned to port-au-prince. those that were able to make it to florida, they were detained in prisons and camp. and a lot of haitian refugees, they died while trying to flee that brutal regime in the economic conditions and no doubt, condition there is, they are even worse now. >> it's just the breath is
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president whole thing, hard to get your brain around. >> it is, bruce, thank you for that. we'll look forward to your support. when you finally get there, new video of the quake as they shook the orphanage. a mission tear was taping other aid workers, playing with other children. but that laughter quickly turned as the walls, they began to crumble around. luckily though, everyone there got out safely. and here is video of another group of the rescued orphans that are landing in pittsburgh. ranging in age from infants to about 10 years old. the u.s., they are easing adoption restrictions to help place those children and the homes quickly. 47 of them, they already have parents lined up. and they will go to the tpwroup homes and to show the adoption process that will be complete. there were already about 400,000 orphans at haiti, even before the quake. well, from pittsburgh to our area, peggy fox, joining us from the newsroom. the story of one local family's long and difficult journey to adopt the haitian child.
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stpwhrár well, the nurse has been trying to adopt a little haitian girl for three years now since he was a baby. like many of the orphans there, her parents, they gave her to the orphanage because they could not afford this either. now because of the earthquake, the little girl is finally going to have her own home. and her own family. >> reporter: it's only a matter of time now before they bring home their third child, the 3-year-old , an orphan from haiti. >> i'm kpaoeutd. it's been a long time. >> reporter: before they had their first child, they always knew they wanted to adopt. >> yeah, there are so many kids in the world that need to be adopted. why bring others into the world? we had our own biological child, but we knew we were going to do this. stkpwhraár year ago, they adopted their second son, jonas, from texas. but they had been trying to adopt this little girl for three years since he was 2-months- old. a mother who was a missionary found her in an orphanage. >> i'm just excited to get to know her and i can't wait.
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and this girl will be great. >> reporter: but a missing birth certificate held up her adoption. then the earthquake struck, damaging the orphanage. >> 20 minutes, they got an e-mail from the orphanage, telling them that all the children were okay. and then to reenforce that relatives, they actually saw her in news coverage at the orphanage. >> my sister, she actually called me from boston and said i just saw her drinking a bottle of water on tv. and so that is just a relief. >> reporter: now, they have learned ila and other haitian orphans in the process of being adopted in america, they are going to be flown to new york soon. >> it's gone from, you know, sadness to oh my gosh, we're going to have a little girl, literally in days. >> a child is a child, no matter where they live, they need a home. and we're just, you know, really so cool to do that and we feel blessed to do that. >> reporter: now, she feels badly for the children that might be left behind because they were not in the process of being adopted. but for now, they are waiting for call to head to new york to
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pick up their little girl. lesli foster, back to you. >> that's fantastic news for them. thank you, peggy. we've got breaking news to get to you right now. more than 100 officers have surrounded a gunman in central virginia. virginia state police say the gunman is apparently responsible for multiple fatal shootings today. the violence began shortly before noon when an injured man was found on a rural stretch, i should say, on the road. when police responded, they say that the gunman, they fired on them. a state police helicopter with the ruptured fuel tank, was forced to land. we're going to have an update on this situation coming up on 9news now at 7:00. the teenager accused of threatening president obama is sentenced. the final chapter in their trial is coming up. and plus, the massive budget cuts proposed for maryland and how they have one family living in fear. and topper has your forecast, top? yeah, 60 degrees today.
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the warmest day since november 29. we'll widen this down to show you that there is colder air on the way. still0 downtown. we'll come back though to talk about not one, but the two chances of the winter precipitation for the next todays. stay tuned.
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we told you how though people were saved from the carbon monoxide poisoning. when she couldn't get in touch with a student who had canceled an appointment due to the illness. they found the 49-year-old man and twin 15-year-old brothers unconscious. they are all being treated at the hospital. and they have since gained consciousness. but first responders say the best safety tip is to install a carbon monoxide detector. that's not the same as a smoke detector. some other tips. never use a gas oven to heat your home. never sleep in an unvented room while using a gas or car seen
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-- care seen heater. and to make sure that they are clear. tonight, what's perfect for all of you who want to live large on a small budget. why that is where frugal shoppers with find free software and group discounts on apparels, electronics, and more, 365 days a year. check out all the bargains and the deals sp-t steals -- and all the steals, go to and click on living smart. state-run liquor stores in virginia might be a thing in the past. if you live in maryland, prepare yourself. the governor is calling for more massive budget cuts. but first, here's a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. a week after the earthquake in haiti, the situation, they are growing even more chaotic. we'll take you inside the prison works and killed not by the quakes but by thousands of inmates ho have now escaped. that's tonight on the cbs evening news.
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pleading guilty to restoring bomb-making materials will spend the next five years in prison. he was a team when he was arrested for having explosive material. and today, a federal judge, they sentenced them to 61 months in prison. and during the hearing, the prosecution, they argue that they planned to kill president obama. and they used a former teenage friend as their star witness. >> law enforcement in this case, i think they acted exactly the way that we want them to act. we can't afford to have police waiting around to see if the criminal who accumulating the illegal weapons are actually going to go out and shoot and kill somebody. we need them to overreabout. >> they are devastated. i mean, when you sentence someone that has started the sentence of 17 and now they are 19. and he is just a kid. >> the u.s. district june, they
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said that he hopes this sends a strong message to other teens that are fascinated with the drugs. the new budget plan today, they are trying to bridge a $2 billion with a "b" budget gap. the budget calls for just 44 state lawoffs and the elimination of 200 unfilled positions. the state employees also face 10 furlough days to make up the difference that the state will take on debt. >> it is about moderation. it's about balance. and it is about progress. all within the meets and the bounds of the fiscal responsibility. that is to say not spending more dollars than we have. >> reporter: virtually every program in the budget is facing cuts, including those that help people with the ability. bringing us the story of one family who fears that their child will now be at risk. >> jeremy is blind. challenged, autistic, and suffers from the severe
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behavioral problem. lacking the skills for them that most of them pay for granted and needs a system for a lot of those things. >> reporter: the mother tells us that her 20-year-old received a proper care and attention that they need out of the group home to the montgomery county public school. the community support services, they have accommodated them just fine until now. mom says the trouble is when her son turns 21 in march. and he must transition to the adult residential and day services. one of the many state resources in jeopardy. martin o'malley cut almost all state programs including the one that could help jeremy. >> there are people that simply had die. >> reporter: the executive director at the jubilee association of maryland says times are indeed tough, but the financial burden and the psychological implications will fall in so many families like the pearlmans, simply not in a position to provide the positive support that their loved ones so desperately need. >> but this clearly is not the place to be making significant cuts because of how vulnerable the folks are. >> what's the option for you? does jeremy come back home?
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>> no, he cannot. he absolutely cannot come back home. we cannotting manage him anymore. >> reporter: she saysier aremy must -- she says jeremy must be in the setting where trained caring people will take care of them. she'll keep her fingers crossed that her son will not become a homeless or deadly statistics at the result of the budget cuts. in montgomery county, alex trevino, 9news now and so far, the only state program that has escaped the budget act kindergarten through 12th grade education. virginia governor, bob mcdonald, plans to push ahead with his campaign promise to sell off virginia's state-run liquor stores. mcdonald hit that top yesterday during the first state of the commonwealth address. it's clear to him virginiaens do not believe sellingly kor should be a function of the state government. mcdonald also renewed his pledge to reopen their rest stops by this spring. the state closed 18 rest areas last july. a part of the plan to save nearly $9 million. and to ease the state's budget
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deficit. in massachusetts today, a special election who's outcome could atpebt millions of -- affect millions of americans nationwide. and voters, they are choosing a candidate to fill ted kennedy. it is the republican, scott brown, verses the democrat, martha copley. democrats, they will lose their filibuster proof majority in the senate. that could tie up the big national issues such as health care reform. take a look at this wet mess in long beach, california. large areas, they are flooded after a second day of rain. and it is still coming down. the storm is expected to dump one to three inches along the coast and in the valleys. and some could get as much as six inches. >> yeah. that's unbelievable. actually, a warning earlier for them this afternoon. it's expired out for long beach in los angeles county. that's kind of crazy. >> yeah. >> that storm will get us here on sunday. it's not like that's texas. they will eventually. the first one is on
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thursday and friday which could mean a little winter weather. here is the forecast first. the next three days. 60ed today, 60 for tomorrow. that's a big shock for tomorrow. still above average. and this is the coldest time of the year. a little light snow, possible tomorrow night. and a better chance south of town actually. a break on thursday. here comes the california storm number one. probably starting out as rain. probably going to a mix on thursday night. and then probably, they end as a pretty good batch of snow on friday. we'll keep a close eye on this. this is sort of the nor'easter with the limited moisture is the be limited cold air. stay tuned. tonight, partly cloudy, chilly, lows it in the 40s. and that is also a pretty warm night for this time of the year. and lows across the area. 42 out there. maybe 31 at great falls. 36 out there and silver springs. well, not too long ago, the high temperatures for the day. 32 at bowie, and 33 in upper marlboro. temperatures right now, they are falling. not dramatically. but 51 at bell haven, 49 at
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brook hill. you look to the north and west to see the blues. that's where the cold front is. and eventually, the colder air seeps in tonight and eventually tomorrow and tomorrow night. thus dusting the winter weather. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. 30s and 40s. winds are northwesterly at 10. increasing clouds, a snow or pix tomorrow night. and very lite. i'm talking about anything that is significant for them. and winds are northeasterly at 10. of course, with that said, we'll begin the snow for them in time with the rush hour on thursday. and a good cause for some problems. stay tuned. satellite picture radar combined. there's the storm moving ashore. that will ensure them tomorrow out in california. a little piece of energy that will eventually move eastward. the area of low pressure, they will die out in the ohio valley. the secondary low will develop off the coast. and sometimes those could be big storms. but we have the limited cold air. that is exactly how intense the storm is. and you can bring down the
6:22 pm
cold air late thursday night. all six zones on our website to clouds come in tomorrow. 43 at manassas, 45 at dale city. still for january, not a bad day. 44 downtown, 44 in annapolis. next seven days, 44 tomorrow, a little light snow at night. there's the mix snow. it will turn to snow on friday. and upper 40s. thursday and friday, around freezing at night. not bad on saturday. in between california storms. in the upper 40s. rain on the side. near 50, leftover showers and colder next week by tuesday. highs only in the 40s. >> all right. look, the caps, they are rolling like the bright spots. >> let me put it to you this way. yesterday, the capitol practice that was standing there for a moment when you cannot get into practice, that's the hot ticket. meeting in the stanley cup finals once, could they meet there again? and they renewed their
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rivalries tonight. the preview for them. plus, why a slice of pizza landed this redskin in jail. nine sports explains coming up. when you feel good, people ask, "what's your secret?"
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nasty members for most fans, afterall, it was 12 years ago. they swept washington out of the stanley cup finals. games three and four here in dc, remember, they have more defrit fans -- detroit fans. how can we put this delicately? some days are over. detroit comes to washington tonight with the caps. and not only are they having the best record in the east. and they went with every game for them, a sellout. while they have been with the the stanley cup files two years running, this year, they are favored to get there, making tonight, a statement that came for both teams. >> not only working this time last year, more as a desperate team. they don't have a 15-point lead
6:27 pm
in their division like they usually have at it had point. so they are playing their stanley cup hockey. it as well right now. >> it shows the theater by the way to get out there in that lawn off again, they did not escape again. still trying to make it back from them and the growing issues. the nba tread it had line is one month from -- the nba tread deadline is one month from them deciding. they will likely seize to exist. unless as we have seen in the last two games, they start to play a little ball. they have the back-to-back wins over the weekend against portland and sacramento. and tomorrow, the six-game home stands, they continue with dallas. and as the gilbert payoff dies down a little, the winds begin to mount. >> for the first time in a long time in the last month, you know, they were able to just concentrate on basketball right now. and you know, they also help when you have a chance to get home. and we have won a couple of games. >> that's one of the most important things to do.
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>> meanwhile, they tell us that they are on eddie jordan's firing watch, believe it or not. the sixers are a game worse than the wizards. last week, their owners said they could not guarantee that jordan would last the whole season. and now, you may like vacation, but gary williams doesn't, at least not for his basketball team. timeoff he believes that leads to rust can had is exactly what he does not want until six weeks in march. that explains why they will playing longwood tonight. and smack dab in the middle of the acc schedule because of the cork in the calendar that they had no games on the dockets this week. so rather than giving them the week off, just after christmas day, they decided to schedule the lancers, yes, the lancers. >> i just didn't want to do it twice in the three-week period. so that's a good game for us. given our situation. >> the finger areas around the situation. the nationals had six players eligible for arbitration. four of them signed new contracts today.
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and each got one-year deals today. that leaves shawn and brian as the only two on the signs. the day two of the open and a scare for roger federer. they lost against igor of russia. bounced back to win and the 16th plan. meanwhile, both williams centers, winning around last night. cruising today, 6-2, 6-2. finally, redskins offensive lineman, chad reihnha -- reinhart arrested. he was trying to get a slice of pizza at 2 a.m. tried to get into mojo's pizza which i'm told in iowa is very good. setting off an alarm because mojo's pizza is not open at 2 a.m. he tried to force his way in. they smelled alcohol on his breath and off he went. all i can say about that, i've opinion there. >> that's it for us. the cbs news with cay de couric is next. we'll see you

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